Bodywork for Babies

Birth can be a very intense, often traumatic experience for your precious little one. Bodywork has been proven to be very effective at resolving issues such as open mouth sleeping, inefficient suck, asymmetric cranial structure, challenges relating to tongue/lip/cheek ties etc (pre or post revision). Unwinding the fascia using CranialSacral Fascial Therapy techniques will release tension and trauma, helping the body return to a natural state of balance and healing. CFT doesn't manipulate or adjust the body, with soft hands and a gentle touch we follow the fascia in the direction it wants to go, allowing the body to guide the unwinding as we listen and follow. 

Sessions cost $250 and are approximately 1 hour, in the comfort of your home.

Session price includes travel fee anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area. Additional travel fee applies if outside LA county.

To schedule a session text Sam at (310) 977-9876 or email

For more info on CFT for babies click here