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What Clients are Saying

Sam is Pure Magic Embodied!  I have done a lot of different somatic approaches to healing in my life. My traumas having mostly been at a fetal state, only the non verbal somatic approach truly works for me. And so I weigh my words when I say that Sam’s Body Talk experience is the most comprehensive method I have EVER encountered. In addition, Sam is wonderfully attuned to the subtleties that reside in the invisible. She holds a safe vessel to travel in time and guides all of you as you quantum leap into a new version of you. Both her gentleness and thoroughness are astounding. She is pure magic and she is definitely going to be on my team of healers for the rest of my life.♥️-


My horse Tino was very receptive to the BodyTalk session. It was clear within minutes after Sam got there that something was happening with him, something positive. Since the session, my horse has been much happier and more at peace, so much so that complete strangers have commented on it. I highly recommend it.


Sam is a wizard! I knew nothing about body talk and after one  session I’ve been sleeping better and have way more energy! It’s definitely an unconventional way of healing, but all I know is that it works.

Kevin C. -Relationship Coach

Sam is a very compassionate and caring person. She has the ability to make things in better balance for your animals. I have an older horse named Hopper. Her work has changed his interest in working with zest and vigor. It seemed like he was a bit depressed and flat. Now he bounces around with the young guys and enjoys teasing my pony Opie. Three years ago he injured his front tendons and my depression affected his healing. Once I got in touch with Sam he seemed rejuvenated and vibrant again. I continue to have her do treatments on him to maintain what she has helped us gain. I don't know what I would have done without her talent and work. Thank you Sam.

Linda and Hopper

The session here was once in a lifetime. This human here is once in a lifetime. Ancestral and Childhood pains sometimes require a soft and gentle touch from one who can see the divine in others. She has reminded me of my path. Supported me in my healing. Inspired me for the future to come. Through her listening to the inherent yes and no, I have remembered to do the same.  If this picture, or these words lights up your heart in that hell yes place.  Stay open to reaching out to her whenever a moment calls.  -  Sam.. finally that testimonial came through.  Some things don’t need to be as complicated as we think. Less is more ❤️♾Thank you for helping me heal my boundaries, and so much more. Time to go explore.

Ari A. -LMT

My first session with Sam was incredibly eye-openng and tremendously insightful. Her methods truly helped to dig deeper into understanding myself, which ultimately enhances my sense-of-self, inner-freedom and happiness!! Thanks you so very much, Sam for your warmth and healing gifts...

Karen Love Lee

I dont understand exactly how it works, or how she does what she does... but I felt so serene and loved and lifted. She is very talented at what she does and I'm so grateful for the personal experience she gave me! She is a great person to reach out to if you are looking for a safe healing space. Thank you Sam!


 I know that my animals came to me for a reason. I could always tell that. It wasn't until I met Sam that I realized how powerful it is to be found by animals that have desire to do their own work with people, with other animals, in the world. Sam is an excellent communicator. Her energy is palpable even miles away over the phone. I had never experienced work like Body Talk with Animals, and I was blown away at the synchronicity and the specificity of the observations she made during our session. My horse has never felt better. I can actually see how good she feels in her body after having this session with Sam. Our connection has never been stronger. She has access to hundreds of acres and chooses to spend time with me every single day. She has this ability to calm and to touch every person she experiences. I've known this, but I discovered more after Sam's session. I recommend this woman, this work, and this way to anyone and everyone connected with animals. It will change your life. Thank you, Sam, for all this unfolded for us. I am forever grateful.-- -XO

Kayla T.

Sam is a Pro! If her practicing energy healing is the future of health care, I’m in 100%. Thank you bringing BodyTalk and BodyIntuitive into my life. This modality is fast & effective in a world of mystery problems and helpless doctors. But there’s lots about working with Sam to be impressed by - she goes the extra mile in continuing education on the awesome upgrades to this modality, she's super enthusiastic about doing treatments and let’s be real, she has a natural ability for this stuff. Our sessions are comfortable and a good time, in person or on the phone. It's actually been many sessions over several months so its also worth mentioning Amigo! I've done treatments with and without him - the ones with - noticeably more transmuting happens . The result of all this? How much easier it is to do my job and have a quality of life I went without for WAY too long. 
Totally. Freakin'. Gangster!

Darynne - Television Production

It’s incredible to be able to work with someone who is so attuned to their Soul Purpose and Life’s Work in this life time. Language doesn’t do justification to the work that Sam does, it is a majestic, magical healing modality that is so natural to her existence. Her work is subtle and gets down to the cellular and molecular levels; which not a lot of folks have access to. And not only that her connection to the animal realm makes her genius and gift even more unique. Her, Amigo and Beau are the most incredible council of energy healers to be here in this planet and I have a deep conviction and belief in this statement. Thank you to all of you for being here and healing your community, one individual and sentient being at a time.

Ethos D.

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