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About BodyTalk

Frequently Qsked Questions

Bodytalk FAQ: FAQ

What is BodyTalk

BodyTalk is a healing system that allows us to work with the innate intelligence of the body to initiate healing on a deeper level. 
In BodyTalk, instead of focusing on symptoms we are able to get down to the root cause of the issue.
Working with this priority based system we can restore balance and harmony within the BodyMind complex to support the individual healing process of each client. 
BodyTalk is an integration of  many modalities, by seamlessly blending both Eastern and Western philosophies it's a truly holistic approach to healthcare. From the ancient knowledge of Chakras and Meridians to the cutting edge science of Epigenetics we are always updating our toolbox of information to best support each client with their specific needs.

What do animal sessions look like?

Sessions with Sam are typically 45 minutes. Using the BodyTalk protocol she will tune into your animals BodyMind system and identify where there are breakdowns in communication. She will be able to highlight areas of the body that are not functioning at their highest potential and restore them back to a balanced state. Through this modality, Sam is able to release blocked emotions that your animal may be holding onto (usually trauma or stress related) on a physical, mental, emotional or energetic level. 
Often times, while trying to support us, our animals pick up on our emotions, when this happens, a session with Sam will help your animal be better able to process and release whatever they may be experiencing on your behalf

How long will it take to see results?

Because we are a unique constellation of history, trauma and accumulated stress, everyone is different.  Most clients feel and see results right away even after the first session.  Because it took awhile for you to get where you are now, it can take some time to heal what all has become imbalanced or out of alignment.
What is done in your session will depend on your priorities, goals and challenges.
Plan on committing to at least three sessions. Then we’ll reevaluate your priorities.  Many if not all of the original symptoms will have been resolved, however, it’s also possible underlying new ones may surface.  That is normal and is part of the healing journey.  Time, toxins, injuries and the various stressors of life can take their toll.  Our goal is for you to be resilient, adaptable, and well capable of coping with whatever life throws your way.

What is BodyTalk good for?

Although our focus is on the whole person or animal and not just the symptoms, here are some of the things that can be addressed through a session:

  • Nausea, digestive issues, eating disorders, weight challenges

  • Headaches, sleep difficulties, anxiety, depression, mood disorders

  • Muscle/joint pain, injury recovery, performance enhancement 

  • PTSD, relationship challenges, learning difficulties 

  • Clearing creative or intuitive blocks

  • Feeling stuck in life, playing out old patterns

  • Highly sensitive (empath overload)

  • Ancestral trauma, Epigenetic marker updates

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