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BodyTalk for Humans

Whether you struggle with physical discomfort in your body, mental challenges in your mind, or stressful relationships in your life, BodyTalk is able to help. We will address the BodyMind by looking at the full picture in order to support your self healing process and balance you to any internal or external stressors that may be compromising your health and well being. Using a combination of BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive and her own intuitive healing gifts, Sam will tap into your body's innate intelligence to figure out why things are out of balance, and then set up a 'healing roadmap' for your body to follow in order to restore health and wellbeing within the BodyMind.

BodyTalk for Animals

Using the BodyTalk protocol, Sam will tune into your animals BodyMind system and identify where there are breakdowns in communication. She will be able to highlight areas of the body that are not functioning at their highest potential and restore them back to a balanced state. Through this modality, Sam is able to release blocked emotions that your animal may be holding onto (usually trauma or stress related) on a physical, mental, emotional or energetic level. Often times, while trying to support us, our animals pick up on our emotions, when this happens, a session with Sam will help your animal be better able to process and release whatever they may be experiencing on your behalf.

Bodywork for Babies

Birth can be a very intense, often traumatic experience for your precious little one. Bodywork has been proven to be very effective at resolving issues such as open mouth sleeping, inefficient suck, asymmetric cranial structure, challenges relating to tongue/lip/cheek ties etc. Unwinding the fascia using CranialSacral Fascial Therapy techniques will release tension and trauma, helping the body return to a natural state of balance and healing. CFT doesn't manipulate or adjust the body, with soft hands and a gentle touch we follow the fascia in the direction it wants to go, allowing the body to guide the unwinding as we listen and follow.



Since BodyTalk is a cumulative system (meaning the body can go deeper and work through more blockages the more you do it) , it is highly recommended to commit to several sessions in order to fully experience the true benefits of this system



Single Session


Whether you are a first time BodyTalk client or you have been receiving sessions for years, a session with Sam will support you on many levels. 
If you are brand new to this kind of work, this is a great way to get your body familiar with the system and the new potential for radical wellbeing.

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“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”