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BodyTalk Tutoring

Some of us come out of class bright eyed and inspired, ready to take on the world, while others walk away recognizing the magic of this work yet feeling confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information to digest. 

Either way, once we go back to our regular lives, its easy to quickly lose momentum and drop the ball on our potential. 

Whether you're looking to get certified and run a full practice, or you just want to use the tools you've learned with your friends and family, I'm here to support you as you integrate and embody this material. 

Tutor sessions will help you build the skill and confidence you need to navigate the BodyTalk protocol and help you feel comfortable observing sessions. 

I'm available to answer any questions, explain concepts, break down and practice techniques, as well as share tips on how to start or build your own practice. 

Tutor sessions are $125 an hour 

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